How To Unleash The Power Of Your Mind To Manifest Anything You Desire In Life

The Scientific Proof Behind "The Secret" And "The Law Of Attraction" Revealed...


Did You Know That 90% Of People Can Never Create Wealth, Success Or True Happiness? In Fact, Almost All New Years Resolutions Will Amount To Nothing.

The good news is that there IS a way to become one of the 10% who are creating wealth, happiness, and success in anything they choose in as little as 10-15 minutes a day.

But first, I want to tell you a story...

In 1998 my parents won the state lottery to the tune of over $500,000. Based on their income at the time, it was enough money to see them right for the next 10 years, and this was not including any interest they would have earned. However, 4 years later, they were dead broke, bankrupt, on the verge of divorce and forced to live in government housing. Before they won the lottery, they were buying their own home, earning $50,000 a year, owned their own car and more. So what happened?

It was after seeing their lives go from euphoria and utter bliss to that of despair and depression, that I had to find out the answer.

Not only did I find out how they lost over $500,000, I found out it was the same reason most people are broke!

We lead our lives by default and whilst we continue on that default path, a small percentage of the population keep creating wealth. The reason is because they know several things the rest do not which result in them using a different approach.

Most of us think it's a secret but it's not really a secret as such because 10% of the world has been using this approach for centuries, but it was a secret to me, and I don't think I would have found it if it wasn't for my parents losing all that money.

And here's the real kicker; what you're about to learn applies to everything in life!

It doesn't matter whether it's lots of money, fame, success, happiness, freedom, great health, great relationships, being good at sport, successful at business, successful at trading and investing, you name it, just about all the aspects of life we dream of having but cannot seem to reach can all be achieved from what I have learned and will teach you.

I will give you the knowledge, tools to use anywhere, and a step by step process that will change your self image and your results in life within hours so you can...

  • Create More Wealth
  • Get A Slimmer Shape
  • Acquire Better Health
  • Create Higher Self Esteem
  • Build A Successful Business
  • Be Assertive
  • Stay Motivated
  • Prevent Procrastination
  • Become A Better Person
  • Learn To Win
  • Attract The Ideal Mate
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Deal With Pain
  • Quit Habits Like Smoking
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Gain Confidence

Introducing "Reprogramming The Mind For Success"...

In this book, you will learn...

  • The 5 systems of the mind that create your reality and how you can tell when they are firing for you or against you - thus telling you if you’re on the right track to achieving your desires. Chapter 1.
  • How habits are formed by neural networks in your brain and how the conscious and sub-conscious interact - knowing this you'll never want to send the wrong messages to your sub-conscious again. Chapter 2.
  • That the mind receives 10-11 million bits of information every second, and yet the conscious only receives a tiny fraction of that which prevents most people from receiving the information they need to help them succeed in life - and how you can ensure you filter out the bits you don't want and let in the bits needed for success. Chapter 3.
  • That your mind has a built-in thermostat that is designed to keep you in your comfort zone - and why your success in life depends on knowing why it exists. Chapter 4.
  • How your body is addicted to every thought, action and behaviour you have - and what you must do to ensure your body is getting the right stuff, the stuff of success. Chapter 5.
  • How each system was working in isolation and in conjunction with each other in the minds of my parents while going through their roller coaster lottery ride - and how this will affect the way you think about money and creating wealth forever. Chapter 6.
  • How one full time stock market trader could turn $10,000 to $250,000 with ease but would always self-sabotage and lose it all, year in year out - and why your limiting beliefs are only self-imposed and not reality, and a full proof way to change this. Chapter 7.
  • How to use our tools that will change your self image and thus the instructions from which the subconscious creates your reality in as little as a few hours - and how you can use these tools to help you achieve anything you want in life. Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12.
  • A step by step process to eliminate any and all of your negative beliefs that are holding you back and reprogram your mind for total success with as little as 10-15 minutes a day! Chapter 13.